Hunza Explorers is a leading tour operator in Pakistan that specializes in heritage tourism. We are dedicated to showcasing the rich cultural and natural heritage of the country to tourists from around the world.

At Hunza Explorers, we believe that heritage tourism is a unique and rewarding way to explore and experience the history, culture, and beauty of Pakistan. Our tours are designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience, allowing tourists to discover the hidden treasures of the country.

We work closely with local communities to ensure that our tours are sustainable and have a positive impact on the environment and local economies. Our guides are knowledgeable and passionate about the cultural heritage of Pakistan, and they provide a wealth of information and insights to enhance the tour experience.

Our tours cover a wide range of destinations, including ancient Indus Valley Civilization sites, Mughal era monuments and palaces, ancient Buddhist ruins, and the stunning natural beauty of the northern areas of Pakistan. We also offer customized tours to suit the specific interests of tourists, such as cultural, historical, or nature-based tours.

Join us at Hunza Explorers and discover the cultural richness of Pakistan while supporting sustainable tourism practices. We look forward to welcoming you on an unforgettable heritage tour!

Gilgit Baltistan Cultural Heritage

16 Days
Availability : Jan - Dec

Indus & Gandhara Civilization

13 Days
Availability : Jan - Dec

Mohenjo Daro Heritage Tour

O6 Days
Availability : Jan - Dec

Rohtas Fort Heritage Tour

03 Days
Availability : Jan - Dec

Harappa Heritage Tour

03 Days
Availability : Jan - Dec

Silk Road Explorers Tour

14 Days
Availability : Apr - Nov

Explore Swat Valley

7 Days
Availability : Jan - Dec

Indus Valley Civilization Tour

10 Days
Availability : Jan - Dec